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    Super Mario Run Hack - Here the features

    Super Mario Run Flag France Super Mario Run Flag Italy Super Mario Run Flag English

    Today, the team Sup3r02 have officially released the Super Mario Run Hack. If you are on this page you have played Super Mario Run for sure. It's the latest game released by Nintendo, a web house in the field of mobile game since just a couple of months. It's trying to conquest the IOS and Android platform. Super Mario Run, wich is part of the homonymous saga, will see the Princess Peach kidnapped by the evil Bowser and you, Mario, will have to save her.

    Super Mario Run has been released for free in the Play Store for Android devices and Itunes Store for Iphone and Ipad, letting the old and new player to partecipate into this fantastic Nintendo episode. Naturally, as every freemium game, you will be able to use only a demo version for free, after having completed the first four level you will have to pay the sum of 9.99$ to unlock the other ones. The Sup3r02 Team has searched for long time hack and cheats to unlock all the levels for free, in other words a method to get the full game of Super Mario Run for IOs and Android. We've opened this site for helping a player like you without letting you lose hours and hours in the search of the best hack for Super Mario Run.

    So we have launched this tool: the Super Mario Hack will let your get unlimited Toads and coins for free!!

    Here a brief tutorial for using the Super Mario Hack Tool

    The first step for using the Super Mario Hack and access directly to the full game and all the levels for free is sure to return to the top and to start to use the Online Tool. Then you have to enter all your data: the username, the Toads and coins that will be generated, your country and if you want the full game and some settings to maintain the anonymity at 100%. The last step is to follow the wizard to complete the procedure.

    Why are you asking to insert a password?

    Due to the number of leechers we have limited the number of users who can utilize the Super Mario Run Hack. This for two main reasons:

    1. Prevent a server crash
    2. Make sure that the method used will not be fixed by Nintendo and Super Mario Run creators in the future

    Am I risking any ban or suspension?

    Using the Super Mario Run Cheats you will not incur any risk. it's impossible! Our system is available through an online tool: all the hacking procedures are performed directly from our and Nintendo server without affecting in any way your device. If you don't trust us to make a joke to one of your friend who is playing Super Mario Run: Enter your username and see the face that he will make when he will see the Toads and coins for free on his account without any effort !!!

    Last Words

    What are you waiting for, go up and start using the Super Mario Hack Tool. One last thing: if you have any question don't exitate to contact us throught the contact section or the chat. We will be glad to help you: have fun with the Super Mario Run Hack!!

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